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Antique Automobiles

Greg's interest in automobiles started at an early age with the initials release of the Hot Wheels collector cars in the 1960's. As a teenager in the 70's he rebuilt a 55 Chevy, 68 Camaro and a 66 Pontiac GTO. These automobiles are referred to as muscle cars. Even today, Greg is in the process of rebuilding a 68 Chevelle convertible. He still collects Hot Wheels and is actively collecting the First Edition series.

Downtown Development

The idea of reviving a downtown area has captured Greg's interest. He served as a key role in maintaining the Christiansburg, Virginia Downtown Post Office. He also formed the Christiansburg Downtown Development Partnership and served as its first President from 1998 - 2000. This organization was instrumental in promoting the Downtown square project and bringing retail and professional organizations back into the downtown area. In 1999 he was awarded the Virginia Downtown Development Association's Award of Excellence for his volunteer efforts.

Genealogy & History

Family Genealogy and History are other areas of Greg's interests. From his paternal side, He is a descendant of Nicholas Scull, a member of Benjamin Franklin's Junto and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Surveyor. He is also a descendant of Charles Tinker, a miner 49'er and owner of the Phoenix Ironworks in Ashtabula, Ohio.

From his maternal side, he is a descendant of Antonio Sacchet of Benedit, who lived in Longerone, Italy. Members of this family lineage were farmers, woodsmen, masons and carpenters. Greg is also a descendant of Pietro Melina of Aviano, Italy. "Big Pete" as he was called, was a stone mason. He immigrated to the United States and started a contracting business that supplied stone for the Pennsylvania Railroad's "Horseshoe Curve" in Pennsylvania and the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

So, who says friends and business don't mix?